Through The Barricades trailer

A Doxy film & EO Production


THROUGH THE BARRICADES is a coming of age story depicting how children cope with the physical & psychological barricades enclosing their lives in their Palestinian hometown Hebron.

Directors & camera: Esther Hertog & Paul King


MARWAN, BASHAER, ANAS and AMER grow up in the barricaded city of Hebron, where adults have literally locked down their living spaces. Protected by the Israeli army, a colony of Jewish settlers lives in the ancient heart of this Palestinian city, and streets are accessible only through army checkpoints. Hebron’s barricades are not merely physical; also mentally walls have been erected. Even though the settlers are their closest neighbours, there is no contact between either side, apart from shouting and emotional confrontations.
Children here learn at an early age from school, parents and TV that settlers and soldiers are their occupiers & sworn enemies. Palestinian adults that raise these children are often stressed, traumatized or radicalized themselves. How can kids here find their own pathways amongst the barricades? Where do they find the space to be children? What choices will they make?

THROUGH THE BARRICADES is a coming of age film that follows the personal lives of four children aged between 8 to 15; Each searches for a way to play and develop an identity as they attempt to take hold of their lives. The film see’s the world from the children’s perspectives as they explore the physical barricades that surround their homes, and attempt to deal with mental barricades that surround their minds.

Will these young characters be able to stay true to themselves and find ways to chase their dreams, or are the barricades around them simply too high for them to overcome?

THROUGH THE BARRICADES demonstrates how conflict is passed from generation to generation, and investigates how the current generation might escape the vicious circle of violence and avoids becoming radicalized themselves

This documentary film is developed in Green House seminar